It’s Halloween

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Today is  Halloween. The date is Monday the 31st of October.

We do not do Trick or Treating in my family but I know that Trick or Treating is where you dress up in a spooky or cooky costume and go around knocking on people’s doors saying “Trick or Treat” when they open the door in the hope that they have a treat for you. If they say “Trick” you have to be able to tell them a joke or play a funny trick on them. If they say “Treat” they should give you a lolly! Yum yum!!

One day I would love to go Trick or Treating with my friends and family!!


Halloween is so so spooky. It is where you celebrate spooky things and you eat lollies and lots more.

Trick or Treating is actually an American thing, not many people do it in Australia.

Have you ever been Trick or Treating? If you have, where did you go?

What kind of lollies did you get?

If you have a story about Halloween, please share it with me.


Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Halloween

  1. Dear Keira,

    This is a great post about Halloween.

    I love the pictures where did you get them from :?:

    No I have not Trick or Treating I was asking my mum over and over again but she said NO!!

    Love From,
    Kayla ♥ :lol:

  2. Dear Kayla,

    Thank you for your great comment.

    I got thoese pictures from FlickrCC.

    My mum said the same thing.

    Love from
    Keira your friend. :lol: :cool:

  3. Dear Keira,

    When I was your age, Halloween and Trick or Treating was a thing strange American children did each year. However, over the last 6 or 7 years the number of children Trick or Treating in my town has been growing.

    This year I prepared over 60 sets of treats for visitors. Numbers were down a little on last year as my local primary school had a performance on the night. Perhaps some will turn up tonight for a late treat. :)

    Their treats have become well known around here. They not only get lollies but they also get balloons, Halloween party toys, stickers and a selection from a container of toys I collect over the year. Some visitors are now 14 or 15 but have been coming since in primary. :)

    I know parents aren’t always willing to let children trick or treat. It is because they can be worried about you having too much sugar or being at risk if you go door to door. In my area, children know which houses are safe to visit as they have something on display to show they are Halloween friendly or parents know the people. Parents or older brothers and sisters take them around. It isn’t really safe to knock on stranger’s doors.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

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